Calvert Hall Tennis Court Cleaning and Scrubbing

Summit Building Services, Inc. was chosen by The Calvert Hall College High School to clean and prepare the concrete painted tennis courts before the spring varsity tennis began this spring. The courts were finished on time for Calvert Halls first regular season match!

The courts were cleaned and mold was removed by pressure washing and removing the soiled excess water by utilizing an Advance SC 7500 auto scrubber. When the job was completed the courts actually played better by gripping the ball substantially better. Mold and dirt covers the concrete over years and coats the concrete. This can create a very dangerous playing environment for the players. The mold holds moisture creating a slick and slippery surface. This must be removed before the courts can be used.

The dirt and mold also dulled the bright professional look of the courts. When Summit Building Service's, Inc. finished pressure washing and removing the mold the color of the courts returned to the original bright colors.