Germicidal Disinfection

On-Call Germicidal Disinfection Services


The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic disrupted and closed the doors of many businesses.

There are a few reasons to disinfect your office when it's empty. It will be clear of germs when you and your employees come back to work. We care deeply about our employees. Our crews are specially trained in sanitizing and germicidal disinfections. While they are still working during this time, we are still aware and implementing distancing practices.

We believe in helping our community so we're providing an offer a complete disinfection service for your facility.

Our Germicidal disinfection services focus on all the major touchpoints in our customers' buildings. We sanitize, faucets, filing cabinet handles, doorknobs, window levers, keyboards, and all other commonly touched surfaces. We use a variety of commercial-grade disinfectants, including:

  • CHV Spray Disinfectant
  • CH15
  • Betco pH7Q Dual

Disinfection Services


Washing & Cleaning

Our technicians will inspect, clean, and then move to disinfection utilizing chemicals that are known to kill bacterial and viral pathogens.

Commercial Grade disinfectants


For usage in cafeterias, offices, buildings, kitchens, and restrooms. The industry-grade disinfectants we use fight harmful pathogens, which help keep your workplace safe.



Our specially trained technicians wearing protective apparel and equipment will clean, spray, and disinfect your building thoroughly and safely.

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