Manufacturer in Baltimore Calls On Summit For Immediate Disinfecting Services

Summit Building Services, Inc., responded to a request for immediate disinfecting services. Production at the manufacturing corporation stopped for 24 hours, while Summit employees went in to perform a critical disinfecting of all areas and touch spots that could possibly hold the Corona COVID-19 Virus.

Our crew consisted of five, trained Summit Building Services employees. They disinfected all these critical areas on the production floor. They were able to apply an approved CDC approved disinfectant to all of the areas, allowing our client to resume production and continue a smooth operation.
The high-touch and production areas that were disinfected include:
  • All forklifts
  • light switches
  • thermostats
  • operational switches for production equipment
  • computer keyboards
  • door knobs
  • and many other areas anyone can possibly come into contact with