Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us, which means warmer weather! Spring cleaning isn’t just for around the house. You can incorporate spring cleaning into your business buildings, too!⁣

Spring cleaning is an amazing way to boost morale after a dreary winter. Here are some benefits to commercial cleaning in the spring…⁣

  • Carpet cleaning. Cleaning your carpets removes any debris, mud, or snow tracks that were brought in during wet, cold winter days. It also removes allergens! You can improve the look and longevity of your carpets with spring cleaning.⁣
  • Pest Control. Warmer weather is when many pests start to show up. Keeping a clean office space is a great way to prevent pest problems and can actually improve the safety of your employees by deterring disease-carrying pests. ⁣
  • AC/HVAC system. Keeping your cooling systems clean has some hidden benefits. Not only does it keep clean air circulating, but it also helps the efficiency of the system which cuts down on energy use.
  • Window cleaning. Brighten up your space with fresh and clean windows!⁣

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