The Germiest Places in Your Office

The Germiest Places in Your Office. And why it’s important to clean them frequently.

These last two years has shed some light on just how easy viruses can transfer to people, especially in close quarters. Sharing an office space is valuable for our health for so many reasons. It fulfills our primal need for human connection, creates space for clear communication and keeps us on task and focused. With that said, sharing a space can come with sharing germs, which is why it is important to know the high touch areas in your office.

Cleaning areas like door knobs, faucets, and shared desk equipment are just some examples of areas where germs can transfer from person to person. Think about the shared areas in your office space to figure out just where you should clean regularly.

Keeping a clean space is not just useful for physical health. It also influences productivity, efficiency, and all around wellness of employees or customers.

Why it worth it to hire a commercial cleaning service?

  1. Look Professional – Make a good first impression for future employees, customers, or clients with a tidy space. A chaotic mess can give the wrong idea – even to your own employees.
  2. Health and Safety– Regular cleanings are especially good for the health and safety of your workspace and employees. Be sure to clean high touch areas, like door knobs, kitchen, and bathroom, to prevent spreading germs. Also be sure to clean up any spills and address any leaks, to avoid having someone slip and fall.
  3. Increased Productivity– Since employees can spend a majority of their day in the workspace, it can almost become like a second home to them. Have you ever wanted to get something done, but you can’t stop thinking about that pile of dirty dishes, or the laundry you need to find, first? The office can create similar anxious feelings for employees, if things look unclean and messy. This clean atmosphere can also help employees be comfortable and even happier.

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