The Germiest Places in Your Office

The Germiest Places in Your Office. And why it’s important to clean them frequently. These last two years has shed some light on just how easy viruses can transfer to people, especially in close quarters. Sharing an office space is valuable for our health for so many reasons. It fulfills our primal need for human … Read more

Pre-winter Office Deep Clean

Fall is creeping in with its’ fallen leaves and crisp, cool air. Before we know it we will be watching the snow fall while we sip on our morning coffee! We will adjust by putting on layers and giving extra time to scrape the frost off our windshields before we head to the office. Sickness … Read more

How We’re Helping Maryland Businesses Adapt to Covid-19 Challenges

COVID-19 has forced a lot of businesses in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor to change expand and adapt. One study shows that 94% of downtown businesses in Baltimore were affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Unfortunately many businesses have had to permanently close due to this virus, But other businesses have used the opportunity to adapt successfully in … Read more

Proudly Disinfecting and Cleaning Your Property in a COVID-19 World

Now more than ever, it’s critical to maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe workplace. Even before Covid-19 started shutting down businesses in early March, Summit Building Services had been providing thorough germicidal disinfection service in the Baltimore-Washington corridor for years. Consumers and customers expect a germ-free environment when they purchase products or walk in your … Read more

COVID-19: Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

It’s hard to imagine a 2020 without COVID-19, now that it’s been with us for so long. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon. With that said, it’s up to us as a community to do all that we can to minimize the spread of the virus. With the pandemic virus, … Read more

Prevent Pest Infestations with Commercial Cleaning

As the temperature and humidity rises, so do pest populations. We always talk about how cleaning services are good for the office environment, productivity, and health of employees, but it’s also essential to keep pests at bay. There are a wide range of benefits to pest prevention in the office. Pests can be annoying and … Read more

How To Keep Employees Safe During COVID-19 Reopening

In 2019, your philosophy for your office might have been “stay home if you’re sick”. But with COVID-19, that won’t be enough to protect everybody from the virus. Here’s why… More people will come in contact as businesses reopen. Of course, socially distancing will still be in place, but if you’re using the same office … Read more

Should You Consider Disinfecting Services?

Should you consider Disinfecting Services? As more businesses are able to open up, it’s important to still take proper precautions in helping slow the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing will likely still be in place, which will help lower COVID-19 cases. However, as we’ve learned, COVID-19 isn’t just spread through human to human contact. The … Read more

Summit Building Services: Green Cleaning

It is important to Summit Building Services to go above and beyond for our clients, to have your business in tip-top shape, while keeping our environment in tip-top shape as well! With all sorts of crazy chemicals out there, it is important to trust your cleaning company. Summit Building Services  offers Green Cleaning services, so … Read more

Is Your Workplace Getting The Attention It Needs?

When business gets busy, we tend to put some things on the back burner. We are here to tell you, why you should move ‘cleaning’ to your priority list – even when business is crazy! It can be tempting to avoid paying for commercial cleaning, especially when your space doesn’t seem too dirty, but workspace, … Read more