Proudly Disinfecting and Cleaning Your Property in a COVID-19 World

Now more than ever, it’s critical to maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe workplace. Even before Covid-19 started shutting down businesses in early March, Summit Building Services had been providing thorough germicidal disinfection service in the Baltimore-Washington corridor for years. Consumers and customers expect a germ-free environment when they purchase products or walk in your doors. To maintain their trust, your building or office has to adhere to the strictest possible standards.

Our trained professionals clean, scrub, polish, and disinfect according to the latest CDC guidelines. We use the strongest cleaning agents allowed to eradicate germs and viruses that may reside on surfaces — especially those high touch areas that see a lot of traffic.

For a truly safe workplace, it must be both cleaned and disinfected. Our teams use CDC-approved detergents to effectively kill SARS-CoV-2 and our cleaning techniques remove germs, dirt, and impurities. Aside for standard cleaning agents, we also use CHV Spray Disinfectant, CH15, Betco pH7Q Dual, and other CDC approved germicidal agents.

The only way for your property to be clear of germs when you and your employees come back to work Summit’s teams also employ the most useful cleaning procedures and equipment available. Where necessary, all surfaces are pre-cleaned before the disinfection process begins. We follow the required “contact times” for all detergents, and use Electrostatic Sprayers to ensure the proper application of all cleaning and disinfecting agents. All cleaning materials, liquids, and sprays are sealed before and after each application.

We care deeply about our employees. Our workers are specially trained in sanitizing and germicidal disinfections. When many cleaning businesses shied away from disinfecting jobs, we provided on-call service in an effort to keep businesses doors open during this challenging pandemic. Every employee is trained on safety measures. We review cleaning and COVID-19 guidelines regularly with them and adapt when CDC measures change. Our teams wear approved PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), gloves, and gowns. For their additional safety, we require they wash their hands before and after all disinfecting projects.

Our teams are trained in cleaning and disinfecting a variety of environments and surfaces from soft surfaces, hard surfaces, flooring, electronics, and outdoor areas. If you manage or own a property, you owe your customers and employees a healthy and safe workplace. If you have general questions, see our list below. The CDC website has lots of resources. If you need professional advice, you can contact owner, Andy Mullins at 410-491-7549‬ or

Here are a few things businesses can do to ensure a safe and germ-free environment:

  • Review the CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers (
  • Check for dangers associated with facility shutdowns such as mold growth, rodents, pests, and issues with stagnant water
  • Ensure that ventilation systems operate properly
  • Increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors if possible, and using fans as long as this doesn’t poses a safety or health risk for occupants.
  • Ensure that all water systems and features and water-using devices are safe to use after periods of inactivity.